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The only navigation app built for mobile, urban commuters

Urban Engines gives you one-touch, single- and mixed-mode directions to your favorite places, orients you instantly, and works seamlessly whether you’re online or offline.

Personalized, single- and mixed-mode trip planning info

Choose your travel preferences and get only the results you want to see, including better bike-train-walk or car-rail-taxi combinations.

An unlimited metro pass and the Urban Engines app makes for a great combination.”

“Having easily accessible, saved locations [and] that one-click route is awesome.

Deck of maps for dynamic one-touch directions for transit, driving, biking, and combinations

Add your favorite places for one-touch single- and mixed-mode directions. Each map in your deck stays updated, so in a glance you always see the time and the best ways to reach your destination.

Seamless online and offline mapping, search, and routing

Search for directions — not a cell signal. Download entire cities for complete offline functionality.

I love the app. I don’t use my dataplan when I am out and about and it fast became my primary navigation app.”

“I absolutely love X-ray mode! It makes understanding your position and direction clear as water....

X-ray mode

Orient yourself quickly coming from the subway — or any way — with “X-ray mode” – a transparent map overlay of streets, transit stops, and transit routes on your camera view.

Useful data. Better decisions.

Get the inside scoop with real-time data, events on the way, and historical on-time percentages — presented simply so you’re always good to go. Literally.

Urban Engines is available in over 50 cities.



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